Safe stay

The priority is our safety and that of our Guests.

We take all necessary measures to protect our Guests, with transparency and professionalism.  

On arrival, all guests are asked to comply with safety regulations: first of all, the distance between them and the correct use of the mask,

In the common areas we carry out, several times a day, an effective sanitation of all surfaces, handles, fixtures with special tools and products.



The room is ventilated before being cleaned.

Graziella checks and guarantees the entire cleaning cycle of your accommodation. in particular it checks that the room is thoroughly cleaned with a neutral detergent. followed by disinfection of the surfaces with sodium hypochlorite with 0.1% active chlorine.

Doors, handles, windows, tables, light switches, taps, chairs, remote controls, are sanitized with microfibre cloth moistened with alccool ethylic 70% V.V.

Toilets are cleaned with a solution of sodium hypochlorite diluted with 0.5% of active chlorine.

Sheets and linen are not shaken during the change.

The linen to be washed is transported to the warehouse without intermediate storage in the room and is sent to the Laundry partner Nolo Service which provides the sanitization with anti Covi-19 products.

The people who clean the room wear gloves and a surgical mask.

the cleaning material is properly cleaned at the end of each cleaning session and the waste material, produced during the cleaning, is placed in the Non-differentiated Waste and disposed of by CALABRA MACERI


Updated situation

To date there has been no case of contagion in our city.